Become a Chair

Don’t see a Community in your area? We’re looking for countries that have a concentration of local members to support an IBF Community and someone willing to take on a leadership role.

IBF Community Chairs organize activities in their countries. As a chair, you’ll take care of planning educational meetings, in addition to networking gatherings.

IBF Communities bring the local community of professionals who deal with bankruptcy fraud together through educational meetings and networking activities. They give members the opportunity to gather informally and formally, share experiences, and meet peers in their local area.

What do we expect?

Short term:

  • Promote IBF-membership in your country
  • Act as a local representative of IBF in your country

On the less short term:

  • Set up a local expert group with regard to bankruptcy fraud, with amongst others bankruptcy trustees, forensic accountants, criminal defense lawyers, law enforcement officers, (supervisory) judges, lawyers from the Ministry of Justice, representatives of the Tax authority and the police departments;
  • Coordination of the collection of useful content for the IBF website;
  • Facilitate and/or manage the organization of at least one networking event in your country a year;
  • Advise with regard to the program and support of the organization of the annual International Conference on Bankruptcy Fraud.

In the Future:

  • Together with the local expert group, you’ll assist in setting up our specialist accreditation program on bankruptcy fraud in your country.


Community Chairs are required to:

  • Serve at least a two-year term;
  • Attend and actively contribute to planning;
  • Promote local IBF Community activities through social media and personal networks.

Who are we looking for?

There are typically two IBF Community Chapter Chairs per country, balanced, to the extent possible, by experience, industry sector and location.

Considerations for selection include:

  • Extensive knowledge of (international) bankruptcy fraud;
  • An existing network of representatives of the different stakeholders who deal with bankruptcy fraud in your country;
  • The ability to make others enthusiastic (on playing a role in the IBF Community);
  • Existing or past leadership roles.


Serving as a Community Chair is a meaningful way to contribute your time, energy and expertise to help building a community of enthusiastic people in your country and internationally.

Participating in an IBF Community is a great way for you and all it’s upcoming members to discuss and share ideas on important issues that relate to bankruptcy fraud.

You’ll gain access to a community of thousands of professionals — like yourself — who are finding inspiration and ideas, working smarter and putting bankruptcy fraud on the map.

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