The International Expert Centre Bankruptcy Fraud (IBF) aims to create an international community of professionals which in their profession deal with bankruptcy fraud, such as bankruptcy trustees, forensic accountants, criminal defence lawyers, law enforcement officers, (supervisory) judges, lawyers from the Ministry of Justice, representatives of the Tax authority and the Police departments.

These stakeholders all have their own roles, responsibilities, methods and means. In order to combat bankruptcy fraud successfully these parties need to cooperate together. This requires knowledge about and understanding for each other’s roles and responsibilities. The International Expert Centre Bankruptcy Fraud creates a network where these different stakeholders join together where by it accommodates the exchange of information and knowledge related to international aspects of bankruptcy fraud.

Also, the centre contributes to network enlargement and seeks to bridging the gap between the different stakeholders involved in bankruptcy fraud on an international level.

Willem van Nielen, President

Willem van Nielen

Willem van Nielen is founder of Recoup lawyers, a law firm specialized in restructuring, litigation and dealing with civil fraud. Recoup has special expertise in recovering diverted assets together with the judicial authorities, the Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (the FIOD) and tax authorities.

The International Expert Centre Bankruptcy Fraud functions as a hub for the exchange and provision of information on this matter. The website opens in an independent manner as much relevant information as possible, which consist of: relevant case law, news items, references to literature, initiatives and events.

In principle, this information is selected by the editors. But it is also possible for visitors of the website to send in useful information.

Expansion of knowledge

To promote expertise with regard to bankruptcy fraud, (regional) courses will be offered and an annual (national) conference will be organized.

Network enlargement

The platform seeks to bridging the gap between practitioners from different disciplines who deal with international bankruptcy fraud.

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